Refund Policy | Text Humanizer

3 Day Refund Policy

TextHumanizer ensures satisfaction. Toward this end services strive. They're designed not only to meet. They exceed your expectations. But we also recognize that at times our product could fail. This is why a 3-Day Refund Guarantee is in place. The following policy elaborates the refund conditions.

Refund Conditions

A  refund can be requested within 3 days of the purchase. It is allowed if product or service does not meet your needs. An exception exists though. If more than 1,000 words have been used no refund can be claimed. This is a stipulation of our company's policy. Please note this fact.


After 3-day mark no refunds are granted. This applies even if the word count used exceeds 1,000. We recommend you test the services in the first three days. Assessment helps to confirm or deny your expectations.


To request a refund contact us at our email, Please provide your entire name information on the purchased service and rationale for refund demand. Our team will take a look at the request. If it proves to be valid, the refund process will be initiated.

Refund Processing Time

Once approved, the refund will be processed and the amount will be credited to your bank account within 5-7 working days.

Policy Updates

TextHumanizer frequently updates this refund policy. Check this page often. Stay informed. When we make changes and you continue to use our services, this action shows your acceptance of the new policy.

Much gratitude for TextHumanizer selection. Your satisfaction is at the core of our concerns. This refund policy is a manifestation. It proves our commitment. We are fully devoted providing the best service to you.